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July 31st, 2012 | dustin

Perhaps you haven’t heard; we sure hadn’t, and instead spent the afternoon making ramen and reading away in our little apartment, the olympics providing a (muted) pictorial backdrop to whatever audio-edits Dustin is cooking up. But at about 5:30pm, our landlady and a family friend called to warn us.

Power outages. Across all of north/north-east India. The estimates being slung around the internet range from 300 to 600 million people without power.  (but as of right now, we are not among them). [1]

We’ve formed two possible hypotheses for our own, condition: 1. we have a generator (??) 2. it is possible that Dustin and I are living in “some parts of Kolkata that will not be severely affected.”

Mamata Banerjee has declared a holiday. But this is no snow day for West Bengal; aside from lacking power, hundreds of coal miners are trapped until power is restored.

And while you’re doing a little reading about Kolkata off-the-blog, might I recommend this article from the New York Times? Filthy Gorgeous is the perfect adage for this city. If you read the rather polarized comment section, I think you might gain some insight into our daily-internal-love-hate relationship with it. It’s complicated.

  1. [1] But unless the issue is resolved incredibly rapidly, I’m expecting to spend a few hours without power before tomorrow morning. Luckily, Dust brought 2 (!!) flashlights. We’re going to attempt to go out to dinner tonight. Because, you know, theoretically, it’s possible that we wouldn’t be able to cook. Without the power and all.

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