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Towards Delirium

July 24th, 2012 | dustin

Dear reader, I felt compelled to tell you about last weekend first. Before I tell you about last week. Our decidedly less cultured, sickly-haze of a week that culminated on various street-corners over the course of an afternoon and evening, alternately sun-drenched and rain-soaked, looking for the white whale of Kolkata [in the form of a taxi, an NGO storefront, a cafe, another taxi, a restaurant].

Yes, we clawed and crawled and ached and slept and complained our way to Friday afternoon, only to have Friday afternoon nearly hit us with her motorbike and yell in our face.[1] But we made it. We made it. And then we cowered lounged in doors all of Saturday. We did laundry. We read books. We ventured out for a laughably horrible dinner.[2] Things were looking up.

. . . annnd then Dustin was sick again Sunday. And I, I like the responsible young lady I am, instead went to have a Sunday afternoon with some family of friends [3] who took me to a fascinating part of Kolkata (Newtown) and nearly force fed me schwarma and cold coffee and biscuits and then a 3 course dinner (everyone always has room for butterscotch)

I got mine today (sick sick sick! Hope I don’t have what Gwyneth had)

But: please, fear not for our safety, nor your own [4]!

Because Dustin and I have adopted a baby gecko. Turns out, they are as cute as the geico gecko, 5 years ago when those ads were still kindof funny. Baaaby Gecko has become our mantra; our sing along tune. That hypnotic code word [no, hypnotic code-jingle] that immediately transports us to a better place.[5]


Taxi strikes, very sweet iced coffee, sickness, and views of the apartment coming soon!

  1. [1] Friday afternoon in Kolkata = shockingly like the thousands of motorbike riders in Kolkata.
  2. [2]  If it’s called a vanilla cube, take heed: it is just as artificial and inedible as the name implies. Can not fault them for that.
  3. [3] Thanks Chirinjev!!
  4. [4] pandemically speaking, I mean, for those of you have seen Contagion
  5. [5] OMG, but replace, “Kill the prime minister of Malaysia” with something more along the lines of “Stay in Kolkata. Continue researching kantha.”

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